Products already developed

Metaraminol 10mg/ml vial
Metaraminol is the API of a vasopressor pharmaceutical product commercially known as
Aramin. This injectable drug is recommended in the treatment of hypotension as it
compresses the peripherical vessels with a consequent increase of the cardiac output.

Controcyst is a medical device of class IIA which was developed under the collaboration
with the partner company Alfakjn. This drug is used in the treatment of bladder pain
syndrome (BPS).

Vetaderkjn is reccomendend in the treatment of dermatological lesions of the horse, dog
and cat. It protects the injured area and promote the natural healing process of wounds,
ulcers and sore.

Products under development

Hedrophonium is a short-acting anticholinesterase. It is mainly used for the diagnosis of
myasthenia gravis, but the effect does not occur when the muscle weakness is due to other